New smart parking meters to help cities track air pollution


Smart parking meters manufacturer Municipal Parking Services (MPS) has partnered with AerNos, developer of nano gas sensors, to help smart cities track air pollution, climate gases and infrastructure leaks at granular level.

MPS will integrate its sensor-based smart parking meters with AerNos’ nano-gas sensors. The development will enable cities in the US and Canada deploying MPS’ smart parking technology to monitor air pollution levels using a single platform.

The use of the integrated solution will help cities to improve the health and wellness of citizens by reducing their exposure to harmful gases.

According to a statement, 90% of the global urban population is exposed to polluted air due to increases in economic activities.

The nano gas sensor is a low-powered System on Chip, designed to integrate with Internet of Things devices to detect gases and their concentration. The technology is used in industries including environmental monitoring, food safety and spoilage, homeland security, industrial and manufacturing.

Sundip R. Doshi, Founder and CEO of AerNos, said: “Smart city initiatives promise to improve quality of life, drive an innovative economy and create a more sustainable environment for all.

“We are thrilled to partner with MPS to bring the sense of smell to cities in a meaningful way and to improve the lives of their citizens.”

“We have seen our parking sensors deliver incredible results to smart cities across the US and Canada. Adding AerNos sensors to our platform is a logical extension for us to further serve our cities with measurements and opportunities for air quality improvements, added Brian Cassady,” CEO of MPS.