Smart power meter that manages energy consumption


Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A. and Grimsby, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 18, 2008 – Ramtron International Corporation, a developer and supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) and integrated semiconductor products, has announced that UK-based Energy Optimizers Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of ZigBee and Bluetooth smart energy saving devices, has designed Ramtron’s FM25L512 512-kilobit (Kb) serial F-RAM memory device into its series of Plogg® wireless energy management plugs. F-RAM’s NoDelay™ writes, virtually unlimited endurance, and low power provide fast and frequent data logging and storage for this smart power meter that measures, monitors, and controls energy consumption at the point of use – the appliance.

The Plogg monitors energy use of appliances in
volts/amps/watts/kilowatts/kilowatt-hours and records the data in a buffer. Measuring up to 13 different variables, this wireless smart meter plug evaluates how energy is being used, and enables the user to reduce consumption and save money and the environment. The Plogg provides wireless data delivery to computers via Bluetooth or ZigBee technology and allows power consumption to be checked in real time and controlled remotely.

“We designed F-RAM into the Plogg for optimal data logging,” says Shaun Merrick, General Manager of Energy Optimizers. “When logging data very rapidly and frequently, as the Plogg is designed to do, the endurance on an EEPROM is insufficient and would be reached too quickly. The natural nonvolatile memory alternative for this demanding application is F-RAM, which has virtually unlimited endurance.”

In the Plogg, F-RAM provides fast and reliable data storage for up to 5,000 measured values and their associated date/time stamp, at intervals of one minute to one month. When logging at one-minute intervals, the endurance limit of EEPROM is quickly reached, so an alternative nonvolatile memory technology is required.