Engie optimise efficiency for US customers


Think Energy, Engie’s US subsidiary, will integrate its demand response app with Grid4C’s machine learning insights to optimise the efficiency of consumer’s smart thermostats.

Grid4C will provide its solution through a Data-Science-as-a-Service model. The development is expected to:

  • Optimise smart thermostat settings and simulate how any thermostat setting changes will impact the customer’s forecasted energy bill;
  • Alert residential customers when inefficient or faulty home appliances are detected for major home appliances and home envelope issues;
  • Predict and diagnose HVAC faults;
  • Present customers with energy use and costs on a monthly, daily, or hourly basis; and
  • Alert customers when deviations from their usage patterns are detected

Joel Elkins, vice president of R&D and product development with Think Energy, commented: “Grid4C impressed us by reliably delivering the most sophisticated machine learning insights to enable valuable services in our customer programs.

“We can now deliver more value from smart meters and smart thermostats and show customers which appliances are inefficient and faulty, as well as how they can save money on their energy bills in real time. We expect these services to improve customer loyalty and generate improved profitability for Engie and our Think Energy brand.”

Think Energy by Engie is an energy retail company based in the US state of Texas and provides services to residential and commercial consumers.

IT operations

In a statement issued by Engie in mid October, Joeri Pavlovic, director of projects and programmes at ENGIE IT, said: “Our previous portfolio and project management (PPM) software was costly to maintain and configure, and lacked the flexibility our IT teams needed.”

Engie selected project management software firm Clarizen to improve the operations of its information technology (IT) division, ENGIE IT and reduce times spent on manual tasks.

ENGIE IT is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of IT services to help subsidiaries of Engie Group operating in the electricity, gas and energy services sectors. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.