Smart water meter: Florida utility buys Sensus units for city rollout


Florida smart water meter SensusIn the US, the city of Lakeland in Florida is spending US$15 million on Sensus smart water meters.

Lakeland city water utilities will deploy 54,000 digital water meters across its service territory over the next six years in a US$57 million deployment, reports local media The

North-Carolina based Sensus will supply the smart meter units at a cost to the city of US$230 each.

The deal comes despite Lakeland Electric having to recall 10,657 Sensus electricity meters earlier this year over concerns they could overheat and cause fires.

A spokesman for the water utility said he didn’t have any concerns about using Sensus. He said the water utility must use Sensus for billing purposes with Lakeland Electric as water charges are on the Lakeland Electric bill.

No saving for water utility

The spokesman commented that the smart meters aren’t expected to save any money for the utility. He said: “We’ll be lucky to break even on this, but this is the state of the industry.”

He said the water company needs to “catch up with” Lakeland Electric, which currently reads water meters.

The advantage is for customers being able to track their water usage, he said.

Residents who opt out of both water and electric digital meters, will pay a monthly meter-reading fee of US$16.25.

Global market growth

The news comes as new figures were released this week on the expected growth of the smart water meter market.

The worldwide market for digital water meters is expected to grow faster than any other part of the water meter industry, and reach the US$1 billion mark for the first time in 2019. This has been reported when meeting held to legalized online gambling such as online casino sites in US where some of the best US casino sites made bid to promote gambling in US.

The report said that North America continues to be the leading adopter of two-way water meters used in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) networks, but stronger growth is occurring in Europe.

France is the fastest-expanding market of all major countries worldwide, with smart meter penetration approaching the 50 percent mark.