smart water meters
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The US city of Middletown in New York State is installing smart water meters to reduce expenses associated with water leaks and manual water meter reading.

Joseph DeStefano, mayor of Middletown, said the smart water meter project will include the use of a $5 million bond to replace some 7,000 existing analogue water meters.

The project is expected to be complete within a period of one year and will help the city’s water department reduce expenses associated with water leaks and manual water meter reading.

The smart water meters will help the city detect meter tampering incidents, water leaks within its distribution system and improve its revenue collection through accuracy in water billing.

The programme will help consumers improve their water efficiency by having access to water usage data. The mayor said consumers will be provided with email notifications in case they exceed their average monthly water usage.

Meanwhile, the Texas city of Wichita Falls said it expected to complete the rollout of its smart water meter programme within the next 90 days.

This week, the city officials at Witchita Falls reported the smart meter programme was 80% complete.

Commenting on benefits brought to the city by the installation of the new meters, Blake Jurecek, director of IT and facilities at Witchita Falls, said: “In our old system, you can have a slow leak that grows over time.

“It could be three, six, eight months before you ever know it.”

With the new smart water meters, consumers are able to improve their efficiency by having access to hourly usage data via an online portal.

Smart water meter project approval

Meanwhile, the Virgin Islands’ Water and Power Authority approved a proposal filed by the District of St. Croix to develop automated metering infrastructure for its water division.

In a press statement, the energy and water regulator said it gave the District of St Croix the permission to purchase some 3,000 new ultrasonic water meters developed by Badger Meters.

The smart water meter project will be deployed using a $380,000 grant secured from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Read more…


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