City in Illinois approves rollout of smart water meters


The approval of the smart water meters programme follows the successful implementation of a pilot which included the installation of some 100 smart water meters for city council members, to test the benefits of the new technology.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Elmhurst City Council will spend $8.1 million in deploying the smart water meters programme.

The $8.1 million budget is expected to cover the purchase and installation of the smart water meters and related technologies and infrastructure.

For instance, the smart water meters will be bought for $2.3 million whilst $2.7 million will cover their installation.

The programme is set for deployment as from this October through to June 2018 to help the city council’s utility division improve its revenue collection through accuracy in billing its water consumers.

Marti Deuter, vice chairman of the Public Works Committee at Elmhurst city, said 60% of water meters in use today were installed 25 years ago and are currently inaccurately measuring consumer water usage.

The city predicts that 18% of its treated water is currently being lost to leaks, water theft and inaccurate billing.

The project will include the installation of sensors and technologies the city will use to quickly detect and address leaks within its water distribution network.

The programme will enable Elmhurst city council to meet water efficiency target set by the Illinois state government. The Illinois government mandated water utility firms to reduce their non-revenue water to below 10% by 2019.

In addition to the smart water meters, the project will also include the development and launch of an online customer portal which consumers can use to track their water usage in real-time as well as pay water bills online using mobile devices.

Smart water meters programme

Meanwhile, the Baldwin County Water and Sewer Department in the US state of Georgia is developing a framework under which it will deploy some 8,700 automated smart water meters for its customers.

The Baldwin County Commission set aside a $2,500 budget which the county’s utility division will use in designing automated meter reading infrastructure programme. Read more…


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