US utility district launches smart meter installation project


In a statement, the utility district says the smart water meters programme is part of efforts to improve the quality of life for residents through the adoption of cost effective and innovative technologies.

The statement adds on to say the AMI system will help the district to reduce its carbon emissions by not using vehicles to carry out water meter readings.

The smart meters will help the district to reduce costs incurred in manually reading water meters and ensure consumers are accurately billed, human error in meter reading is eliminated and consumers are able to improve water efficiency through access to real-time water usage data.

The system will help the water utility to reduce non-revenue through quick identification of water leaks within the distribution system.

The installation of the smart water meters is expected to start in September over a duration of six months.

The smart water meters programme is being funded using $1.5 million grant secured from the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant programme which falls under the Department of Agriculture Rural Development.

The technology will help Seal Rock Water District to improve its customer services and improve the efficiency of its water distribution and billing systems.

The project will include the installation of smart water meters in consumer premises and related communications infrastructure to provide connectivity between the smart meters and the utility’s central bill processors.

Smart water meters programme

Meanwhile, outside the US, in Europe, the Georgian Water and Power (GWP) partnered with Kamstrup to upgrade its water infrastructure with an advanced metering system.

The utility provides water and electric services to some 470,000 consumers in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, will deploy Kamstrup’s smart water meters to accurately bill its customers. Currently, the two companies are implementing a pilot of the advanced water metering system, related technologies and services.

GWP provides the Tbilisi population, state institutions, industrial and commercial facilities with quality drinking water.Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.