Smart water meters: UK utility signs Itron to improve meter billing

Itron to supply 500.000 smart meters  UK based YorkShire to improve utility's meter billing system.
Itron will supply 500,000 smart meters to UK-based Yorkshire Water to improve the utility’s meter billing system

In the UK, Itron has engaged in a contract with Yorkshire Water to improve the utility’s water management and meter billing system to its customers in West Yorkshire.

According to a release, Itron will over the next five years supply Yorkshire Water 500,000 smart water meters equipped with radio communication modules.

The deal includes Yorkshire Water utilising Itron’s leak notifications and alarm options to reduce costs due to leakages in its distribution line, Metering has learnt.

The utility manages the treatment and distribution of water in West Yorkshire and supplies more than 1.2 billion litres of drinking water a day.

Commenting on the deal, leakage and metering manager at Yorkshire Water Tony O’Shea said the utility will benefit from Itron’s water solution in improving its customer service.

Mr O’Shea said by implementing Itron’s hardware and software applications in its grid system, Yorkshire will provide actual and accurate billing to consumers.

The development will in turn encourage conscious water habits by consumers resulting in them saving money, added O’Shea.

Smart water meter deals

In other smart water news, Itron secured a deal with a municipal water department in the southern US state of Tennessee for its smart water solution early August.

Metering reported that the City of Murfreesboro Water & Sewer Department (MWSD) supplying water to nearly 100,000 customers, plans to use Itron’s solution to manage the delivery and use of water through automation, leak detection and analytics.

The city will deploy the leak detection technology to monitor distribution lines to reduce non-revenue water associated costs.