US city of Lakewood adopts Fathom’s smart grid for water software suite


In a statement, the smart water solutions firm says it is providing the city of Lakewood with the company’s complete suite of smart water software and managed services.

The suite of services will help in the reduction of non-revenue water through improved management of the city’s existing water infrastructure and the introduction of new services.

Fathom is financing, installing and will operate an advanced metering infrastructure to enable the city of Lakewood to accurately bill consumers and improve management of its water distribution infrastructure.

The capital to fund the project is being sourced from the company’s financing programme Fathom Capital which provides municipal customers of Fathom with loans to implement grid infrastructure upgrade initiatives.

The project was started in July, is expected to be completed in the first half of 2018 and includes the installation of 20,000 smart water meters and meter data management software.

Smart water software suite and managed services

The advanced metering infrastructure will allow the city to remotely collect consumer water usage data and reduce human error and costs associated with manual meter reading.

In addition, a customer information system will be deployed to improve customer experience. The system will include Fathom’s U2You online customer portal which consumers can use to access their water usage data and pay bills online.

Dr. Jason Wen, Lakewood’s Director of Water Resources, said: “Residents will enjoy new tools through FATHOM’s U2You portal, which provides a breakdown of real-time personal water usage and has customizable alerts that allow residents to optimize and reduce their consumption.

“Furthermore, the new system will make the city better equipped for emergency events. The power of big data will provide valuable real-time information as a planning and operational tool for a more efficient water system operation across Lakewood.”

The managed service will also include the establishment and operation of 24-hour customer call centre to provide help to customers of Lakewood speaking English and Spanish.

The smart water software suite and related managed services will help the city of Lakewood to improve maintenance of pipelines to quickly identify and address leaks within its distribution network.

Trevor Hill, CEO of Fathom, added: “Our products are designed to maximize efficiency and provide data-driven insights to both the customer and the utility. [Haltom becomes the fifth city in Texas to adopt Fathom smart water suite].

“Both parties can expect to see a live breakdown of water usage which will enable them to cut costs and better manage precious resources in advance of extreme weather events, like the California drought. Through this advanced resource monitoring system, we’re able to see benefits in both the environmental and business side of utility operations. FATHOM is helping cities prepare for the future by building a secure, strong and smart water network.”


Image Credit: Shutterstock.