Mueller Systems smart water solution
Water utility Lee County Utilities (LCU) entered into a deal with smart metering solutions firm Mueller Systems to improve its water distribution network.

LCU will leverage a smart water solution developed by Mueller Systems, to improve services to its 340,000 consumers in southwest Florida.

Smart water solution rollout

In a press statement, LCU said it selected Ferguson Waterworks to implement the project.

The utility will use Mueller Systems’ automated metering infrastructure network to access real-time data from smart water meters, sensors and control devices within its water distribution network.

Hassan Ali, vice president of Mueller Systems, said: “[The]technology automates the collection of meter readings, provides customers with a better understanding of their water usage, identifies leaks that are responsible for losing treated water and promotes greater operating efficiencies for the utilities.”

[quote] A portion of the 80,000 smart water meters to be installed by Ferguson Waterworks, by mid-2019, will be manufactured by Mueller Systems.

The smart water meters are expected to help the utility to accurately bill its customers.

In addition to smart water meters and wireless network, Mueller Systems will provide the utility with its mobile application Mi.Data which allows consumers to monitor their water usage online using mobile devices.

The Mi.Data app will help customers of LCU to reduce their water usage and costs.

Utilities water management

Water utilities in the US continue to seek various measures to enhance management of their distribution networks.

In late August, the Watts Bar Utility District secured funding from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to improve its water management.

The water company said it will use the $1.05 million in loan and $350,000 in grant funds to upgrade its existing water management infrastructure with modern equipment and technology.

The utility company serving 6,100 water consumers in five counties in Tennessee will use the funds to purchase a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) System.

The system is expected to help Watts Bar Utility District to automate management of its distribution network. [Pennsylvania town okays shift to digital water meters].

The technology will allow the utility to remotely operate its water plant and control booster stations based on water levels.

The water company secured the loan through the USDA’s StrikeForce for Rural Growth and Opportunity programme.

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