Smart wireless multi-metering solution from A.P. Systems uses Sierra Wireless AirPrime(TM) Embedded Modules and software


Didier Dutronc,
Vice President
of Marketing at
Sierra Wireless
September 23, 2010 – Following the successful deployment of over 500,000 Sierra Wireless-enabled wireless energy monitoring devices, A.P. Systems selects Sierra Wireless modules and software for next generation solution

Sierra Wireless today announced that A.P. Systems, a leading Italian supplier of information and communication technology to utilities and public administrations, is using the Sierra Wireless AirPrime WMP100 Intelligent Embedded Module and Open AT Operating System to provide wireless connectivity to its M3-S multi-metering system. Designed for the simultaneous remote management of gas, electricity, water, heat and street lighting, the M3-S can manage data from different types of devices in a single infrastructure using cellular, low power RF ZigBee or power line carrier connections.

"Since 2002, A.P. Systems has deployed more than 500,000 wireless energy monitoring devices using Sierra Wireless modules and Open AT software," said Davide Bassetto, product manager at A.P. Systems. "Utility meters stay in the field for many, many years, and the quality and reliability of all their components and software are of prime importance. Our positive experience with Sierra Wireless technology made the choice of integrating their high quality, reliable embedded wireless modules for our next-generation solution an easy one."

"We are very pleased that A.P. Systems continue to rely on our technology, and in particular the Open AT Operating System," said Didier Dutronc, Vice President of Marketing at Sierra Wireless. "By taking full advantage of the capabilities of the Open AT OS and embedding their application software directly on the wireless module, A.P. Systems’ talented engineering team has created an innovative wireless multi-metering solution with an extremely efficient architecture. We are proud to be a part of this solution which answers utility companies’ needs for a reliable, efficient and flexible wireless energy monitoring device."

The AirPrime WMP100 Embedded Module combines embedded processor capability and wireless connectivity in a single device. The BGA form factor and dedicated IOs are suited for automated component placement, and enables equipment manufacturers to optimize their total system cost.

The Open AT Operating System is an execution environment for industrial applications. It enables easy management of wireless communications, can integrate any metering protocol, and adds advanced security features (such as encryption and jamming detection) into the wireless module with no additional cost. Its set of software plug-ins and development tools provides developers with a unique application framework for machine-to-machine applications.