FirstEnergy unveils new online consumer portal


According to a statement, the online consumer portal, Smartmart by FirstEnergy, will act as a marketplace on which customers within the company’s network can access tools, services and technologies they can use in order to live and work smarter. The website will also be used by consumers to pay their energy bills.

First Energy and customer services

Commenting on the launch of the online consumer portal, Brett Reynolds, vice president of marketing & product development at First Energy, said: “For years customers have turned to FirstEnergy about ways to better manage their energy use.

“Smartmart builds on that tradition, expanding on our collection of products and services that bring greater comfort, convenience, security and productivity to our customers’ lives.  We’ve taken a thoughtful approach to finding products that are important to consumers and offering them in a secure, user-friendly online marketplace.”

The website comprises tools and services the utility has developed in line with the findings of research conducted to understand trends in the home, lifestyle, communities and business sectors. The research focused on sectors including smart home and energy efficient lighting systems.

The utility says it will add onto Smartmart by FirstEnergy some new solutions and services as they are developed.

The website will host a blog which will provide consumers with tips on how to improve their energy efficiency.

The development falls under efforts by the energy holding company to improve services to customers of its ten utility subsidiaries.

Additionally, First Energy is upgrading its energy transmission network to improve the efficiency of distribution networks of subsidiary companies. According to a statement, First Energy started modernising its electric transmission network for West Penn Power and Penn Power to improve their operations.

The energy company says the development will help its two subsidiaries to improve customer services to consumers in Butler and Mercer Counties through a reduction in the occurrence and duration of power outages. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.