SMUD to pilot solar energy storage project


Sacramento, CA and Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 16, 2010

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is to pilot renewable technology company Silent Power’s distributed energy storage technology in its photovoltaic (PV) storage pilot at Anatolia.
SMUD’s $5.9 million pilot project will evaluate how the integration of energy storage enhances the value of distributed PV resources for the community, the utility and the grid by reducing peak loads, firming intermittent renewable capacity and maximizing overall system efficiency.

Silent Power’s OnDemand™ Home Energy Appliance is a distributed energy storage device that will store excess energy generated by a homeowner’s solar power system. When energy is needed during peak demand times (4–7 p.m.), this energy can be drawn on by SMUD and its customers.  

“The pilot project further demonstrates SMUD’s industry leadership in integrating renewable technologies that maximize the grid’s clean energy and reliability for our customers,” said Mark Rawson, SMUD senior project manager. “As part of our efforts to more broadly deploy smart grid technologies that enable easier integration of renewables, storage could be a valuable asset for SMUD and its customers. This pilot helps us understand the technical and economic feasibility of these types of storage technologies.”

Silent Power’s OnDemand™ system will be placed in 15 homes in the Rancho Cordova, Calif. community. The pilot project will allow monitoring of PV systems, along with energy storage, to give SMUD a better assessment of the value of distributed energy resources from a utility standpoint. SMUD will be able to determine how well the storage systems can support its super-peak consumption times, when output from the PV systems drops significantly. Based on these outcomes, the utility may replicate the technology throughout its service territory should it prove feasible.

Silent Power will work in partnership with smart grid software provider GridPoint, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Navigant Consulting, SunPower and Saft, to offer SMUD a complete solution to its energy storage and management needs. The OnDemand™ system will work hand-in-hand with GridPoint’s energy storage and deployment software that will monitor and dispatch power. Saft will provide the lithium ion batteries needed to power the OnDemand™ systems.

“Silent Power is honored to be part of SMUD’s cutting-edge efforts to implement storage technologies within its broader smart grid initiatives in its community,” said Todd Headlee, Silent Power CEO. “Our technology is helping to make energy storage mainstream and we envision a future in which every solar PV installation includes energy storage.”