Smart water meter programmes for Minnesota and Bulgaria


The city of Crookson is set to begin its $1 million digital water meters programme the week after Christmas.

The city will install up to 500 smart water meters per year over a period of five years.

The project will modernise the city’s water network by replacing ageing infrastructure. The water meters currently in use have exceeded their lifespan of 20 years. They have been used over the past 25 years.

The city of Crookson will in 2020 commission a software to send real-time notifications regarding consumer water usage. Consumers will receive the notifications via mobile devices. The city also has plans to develop an online customer portal which consumers can log onto to access information regarding their accounts and water services.

The smart water meters programme will be implemented free of charge to consumers.

Pilot project in Sofia

Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, water utility Sofiyska Voda has launched a smart water meter pilot to improve its business processes and customer services.

Sofiyska Voda is testing the ability of smart meters in optimising its meter reading and water billing processes. The pilot is being implemented in partnership with telecommunications firm, Vivacom, and engineering company Qubiqo.

The smart water meters will use a LoRA enabled network to remotely communicate consumer water usage data. The automation process will reduce human error and operational expenses incurred in manual meter reading.

Moreover, the smart water meters will help improve consumer water efficiency and management of the water distribution network through access to real time data regarding consumer water consumption and the performance of assets within the network.

The system will enable quick detection and repair to faulty assets and leaking pipes.

The pilot is being used to develop a road-map which will be used to install the two-way communicating water meters to all consumers in Sofia municipality.

In related news, in Ghana, the Ministry of Water and Sanitation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kamstrup for the provision of smart water meters and related systems.

The Danish metering firm will supply the ministry with 500,000 smart meters and a system to enable remote meter reading. Read more…


Image credit: 123rf.