Software application offers flexibility to utilities

Elster Electricity, LLC has announced the availability of Metercat™ software release 1.6 Metercat is an advanced configuration and analysis software application that programs and reads Elster’s A3 ALPHA® electricity meter, as well as supporting maintenance tasks for the REX™ electronic single phase residential meter. New features of Metercat 1.6 include the ability to configure and read two sets of instrumentation profile data and support for remote communications in demand-only applications.

Metercat can be used to perform a variety of meter maintenance tasks, such as changing the meter’s demand threshold, editing register values, and clearing logs and statuses. It uses a flexible security schema that allows the Metercat administrator to control the programming and reading capabilities of users. It supports both optical and remote communications for meters equipped with internal or external modems, simplifying meter communications and programming tasks. Load profile data options for exporting to MV-90 and ASCII file formats are included.