Software offering expanded to include demand response solutions


Dan Johnson,
CEO, Verisae
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 4, 2008 – Verisae, a web-enabled clean technology software and services company, has received certification to serve as a demand response aggregator in Southern California Edison and PJM Territories.

Verisae’s demand response offering is part of the company’s Enterprise Energy Management suite of software that includes utility bill processing, real-time energy monitoring, carbon foot printing and emissions tracking. Demand response programs are designed to maintain a reliable electricity grid as well as offer extra capacity to the energy market during peak times. Customers that participate curtail their energy consumption when the utility calls a critical event and are paid for that contribution. Reducing energy load during these critical periods is key to alleviating power shortages, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Verisae Active Energy Response software and services provide an automated solution for multi-site building owners to manage and track demand response events. It can be integrated with a variety of site metering and control systems.

“Active Energy Response and our certification in SCE and PJM Territories will be a great value to our existing and new customers with sites located in these regions,” said Dan Johnson, CEO of Verisae. “Demand response offers our customers an opportunity to help their community by helping to keep the electricity grid reliable, lowering energy use and impact on the environment plus receiving a financial reward for these sound practices.”