Software update released for Gridstream PLC system to enhance outage notification and OMS integration


Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 24, 2009 – An outage notification update that improves accuracy and adds features to enhance the outage management capabilities has been released for Gridstream™ PLC advanced metering systems.

Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream PLC solution, comprised of the TS2 network and Command Center operating software, is a power line carrier-based technology with a unique communication structure that enables unsolicited outage reporting from every electric meter on the system.

Software updates to the substation data collector and Command Center have demonstrated improved accuracy of outage and restore notifications to near 100 percent; improved response time, with outage events being detected in less than 15 minutes and power restoration events in less than 10 minutes; a storm outage mode that allows customers to see which meters have power, rather than those that are out, during a major outage event; and better integration with third-party outage management systems for more accurate outage tracking.

“Because each individual metering endpoint is continuously communicating to the network head-end, the Gridstream PLC network has the advantage of providing unsolicited outage and restoration notifications,” said Jeff Carkhuff, general manager of Middle Market Systems for Landis+Gyr. “These enhancements are the first in a series of updates planned for the system that improve functionality and help our customers better manage grid events.”

In addition to detecting power outage and restore events, the Gridstream PLC advanced metering solution provides a variety of analytical data that can be used to assist in operational decision making for distribution grid management.

The recently released software updates are available to customers through the Landis+Gyr online Customer Center.