FPL expands solar portfolio to boost grid reliability


In a press statement, FPL announced it will expand its solar energy portfolio by constructing some 8 new solar plants in 2017 and 2018 to achieve its annual carbon reduction target of 500,000 tonnes.

The solar energy projects provide an additional 74.5MW of renewable energy to power some 120,000 Florida homes, save $39 million in consumer energy bills and help the utility to meet its growing power demand.

The project will include the installation of some 2,500 million solar panels and contribute to the state’s economic and social objectives through the creation of some 1,600 jobs.

Of the eight solar plants to be developed, four are expected to be completed and be operational by the end of 2017. The remaining plants will be operational by March 2018.

FPL believes that the $900 million solar energy project will help it to improve its customer services by providing its consumers with more affordable, clean energy.

Eric Silagy, CEO of FPL, said as a result of its smart grid investments, “FPL’s typical 1,000-kWh residential customer continues to pay less for electricity … well below the latest national average.”

Investments made in clean energy technologies by FPL since 2001, has saved FPL customers more than $8.6 billion in fossil fuel costs and prevented 108 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

Currently, FPL’s solar energy portfolio generates 335MW of energy capacity enough to power 60,000 Florida homes.

Energy distribution management

The news follows the  launch of FPL’s new energy distribution control centre in West Palm Beach to enhance the management and maintenance of the utility’s grid network.

FPL’s new energy distribution control centre is designed to improve the company’s communication efficiency with consumers and field crews during emergency restoration periods.

The West Palm Beach control centre will also help to reduce pressure on the energy company’s existing two control centres in Miami and Sarasota.

In a press statement, Eric Silagy, CEO of FPL, said the establishment of the facility is a measure by the utility firm to improve its customer service by enhancing its storm and outage response capabilities. Read more…


Image credit: www.bradentonherald.com.