German storage manufacturer Sonnenbatterie has begun selling its products with integrated smart meter technology in North America through five new distribution partners throughout the US.

Boris von Bormann, country manager of Sonnenbatterie North America, said: “We are pleased to announce that Sonnenbatterie is now open for residential and commercial sales here in the United States.

“Sonnenbatterie has exploded in popularity in Europe due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and integrated smart meter technology. We look forward to earning the market leader position here in the US, as well.”

Smart meter technology

The company’s products range from 4.5 kWh residential units to commercial 20 kWh storage blocks, which can be connected to build units up to 200kWh in capacity.

The company claims that all batteries include integrated smart meter functionality with mobile energy monitoring and management.

Distribution partnerships

Mr von Bormann confirms that Sonnenbatterie is seeking additional channel partners for locally exclusive distribution agreements.

Earlier this year, reported that Sonnenbatterie had forged deals with Canadian inverter maker Eguana Technologies and solar installer and distributor SK Solar USA.

Founded in Germany in April 2010, Sonnenbatterie solutions use lithium-iron-phosphate cells with a interface that allows users to manage their storage system through their smart phones.

Users are also able to track their energy use and avoid peak demand charges.

With a storage capacity range of 4.5kWh to 60kWh, the company has sold 2,500 units across Europe.