Southern California Edison unveils online ‘Plug-in Car Rate Assistant’ to estimate cost of fueling electric vehicles


September 10, 2010 – California customers can easily estimate the cost of fueling an electric vehicle and the impact on their electricity bill.

If you’re thinking of buying a plug-in electric vehicle, steer your web browser to  After SCE customers provide facts such as location, daily power usage, vehicle type (such as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery-electric vehicle), mileage, and time of day use (on- or off-peak), the plug-in car rate assistant will provide an estimated comparison of the average monthly electricity and gasoline bills.

Steve Powell, SCE’s manager of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness, said, "The online car rate assistant will provide an idea of the bill impacts and the benefits of charging electric vehicles during off-peak hours, 9 p.m. to noon. It’s important for customers to understand the advantages of the various rate plans," Powell said

SCE’s plug-in electric vehicle website also features the first of three educational videos listing the steps necessary to become plug-in ready. Upcoming videos will include questions customers should ask when thinking about buying an electric vehicle and a description of SCE’s efforts now underway to meet the coming of plug-in electric vehicles.

The website provides a host of valuable resources for customers to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle. Once customers know the type of electric vehicle they want to purchase, visit