Southern Company signs one of the largest AMI contracts in history


Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 15, 2008 – Southern Company, one of the largest electric providers in the U.S. south-east, has signed a contract with Sensus Metering Systems to provide 4.3 million Southern Company customers with next-generation electricity service offerings. Over the next five years, Southern Company subsidiaries will deploy Sensus’ FlexNet™ AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) solution when they launch their new smart meter programs. The FlexNet system will read meters remotely and provide new data that will lead to electricity pricing options for Southern Company customers.

This contract comes after years of teamwork between Southern Company and Sensus to achieve the most technologically sound, customer-friendly AMI across the Southern Company service territory. Southern Company played an integral role in the development of Sensus’ FlexNet AMI solution by providing customer input and trials on both the Sensus iCon meter and the FlexNet communications technology that powers the system. The Southern Company decision came after successful large scale trial deployments of FlexNet involving more than 100,000 customer locations covering over 3,000 square miles at Alabama Power and Georgia Power.

“Before the term ‘AMI’ was coined, Southern Company envisioned very specific and advanced features for their demanding topography and business case needs. Sensus created that system by following their blue print,” said Peter Mainz, Sensus’ Chief Operating Officer. “We worked diligently together until our system, meters and AMI communications technology could provide a single solution for Southern’s varied and demanding topology.”

For instance, Southern Company was one of the first utilities to require features such as two-way communication capability that places pricing plans directly into the customers’ hands. Southern also required all ANSI standards, remote firmware upgrades and remote connect/disconnect features and support of demand response programs – items that are all part of the FlexNet AMI package.

“We plan to use the Sensus FlexNet system to launch our new smart meter program for our customers across the south-east,” said Mike Garrett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power, who serves as co-executive sponsor of the system-wide deployment of the smart meter program. “Because of the terrain and demographic layout of our service territory, we needed an AMI system that performed according to our needs. Sensus went the extra mile to ensure that their FlexNet system does that. I am confident that our customers will reap the benefits of this project.”