Spectra Energy Selects Elster Instromet Ultrasonic Meters for Pipeline Project


August 2, 2011 – Elster today announced that Spectra Energy has selected Elster Instromet to supply 16 Q.Sonic ultrasonic meters to provide natural gas custody transfer measurement for one of the company’s large-scale pipeline expansion projects. The Elster meters will accurately measure the volume of natural gas as it is transported to markets in the Northeastern United States.

With the precision of bounce technology and a reputation for durability, Elster’s Q.Sonic ultrasonic meters provide some of the industry’s highest levels of accuracy for gas measurement.

"We are pleased to extend our relationship with Spectra Energy," said Roy Sutterfield, president, Elster American Meter. "Natural gas infrastructure continues to expand across North America and with multi-directional measurement capability, low pressure loss and patented diagnostic capabilities, Elster’s Q.Sonic ultrasonic meter has become a meter of choice for a number of natural gas projects."

The Elster Q.Sonic meter utilizes the combination of sophisticated transducers, digital electronics and a patented path configuration to enable precise gas measurement. With the Elster Q.Sonic meter, gas utilities benefit from no pressure drops, wide range, ease of integration with existing infrastructure and transducer exchange without calibration.