SPL WorldGroup and Cellnet Launch Advanced Metering Partnership


San Francisco, California, October 17, 2006 – Utility software vendor SPL WorldGroup and fixed network data communications provider Cellnet Technology, Inc.(R) (Cellnet) today announced a partnership aimed at providing utility clients with an end-to-end solution for advanced metering.

"Cellnet enables the reality of advanced infrastructure by bringing utility customers the best available technology for data communications systems and automation solutions," said Mak Tarnoff, Cellnet’s Director of Product Marketing. "Such networks also provide two-way communication between utility and customer to measure and communicate consumption, to turn meters on and off, to check for outages and voltage problems, and to gather data to make electrical and pipeline grids work more efficiently."

"To extract full value from advanced metering data," explained Guerry Waters, SPL’s Sr. Vice President — Strategic Utility Management, "utilities need to integrate it efficiently to a variety of software applications. That’s where SPL comes in, with solutions like Customer Care and Billing, Meter Data Management, Outage Management, and Mobile Workforce Management. Using cross-departmental business processes that utilities themselves design and control, these applications work together to ensure accurate billing, foster development of new products, and significantly increase system reliability and improved customer service."

Under the terms of the non-exclusive partnership, SPL and Cellnet will, as appropriate:

Patti Harper-Slaboszewicz, Director of AMI and MDM of UtiliPoint International, Inc. noted, "To realize the vision of consumers responding to changing energy prices, utilities need cost-effective end-to-end advanced metering solutions such as the one SPL and Cellnet are pioneering. Consumers have accepted time-based pricing as a reasonable approach but expect to be able to program their A/C and other appliances to respond to energy price movement automatically. Most consumers do not have the time to follow energy prices on an hourly or even daily basis. Utilities that provide the framework for automatic response to price movement can expect to see greater and longer- lasting price response than utilities that provide time-based pricing without the automation framework."

Cellnet provides intelligent communication and automation solutions to energy and water businesses worldwide. The company’s offerings include advanced metering infrastructure, in-premise networks, automated meter reading, SCADA and distribution automation. Cellnet’s proven record of delivering customer value is supported by 13 million endpoints and contracted revenue of $2.2 billion over fifteen years. For more information visit www.cellnet.com.

About SPL WorldGroup

SPL WorldGroup’s Strategic Utility Management (SUM) software applications help energy and water providers meet customer service and financial goals through optimal use of staff and assets. Our industry-leading solutions are a platform from which utilities serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers in regulated and competitive markets, across multiple products and jurisdictions around the world.

SPL’s best-of-breed applications include customer care and billing, asset and work management, meter data management, mobile workforce management, outage and distribution management, and enterprise business intelligence. Each SUM application is available individually for integration into a multi-vendor IT structure. For utilities that need two or more SPL applications, we provide the enSUMIT suite, which includes cost-free integrations between SPL products. Visit SPL at www.splwg.com or call +1-866-468-6775 (San Francisco), +33-1-4445-6600 (Paris), or +61-2-8258-8200 (Sydney). Within the US and Canada call +1-800-275-4775.