SRP installs its 200,000th smart meter


Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 28. 2007 – A Salt River Project (SRP) customer recently joined thousands of others being equipped with the future of the energy industry when SRP’s 200,000th "smart" meter was installed at a Mesa residence. These innovative electric meters have the ability to communicate with computers at SRP that can gather readings for monthly billing or check readings when a new customer moves into a property.

SRP is the largest provider of power to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, serving more than 925,000 electricity customers.

Smart meters allow SRP to complete service orders (such as turn-ons and turn-offs) more rapidly and also allow more customers to participate in the money-saving time of use price plan. Customers whose meters are not readily accessible currently cannot be time of use participants. However, with smart meters, they can be added to this price option as the new equipment is placed in their neighborhoods.

In the future, smart meters will likely make information available to customers over the Internet to help them manage their electric usage.

"We will be able to provide energy information to our customers that they have not had before," said John Soethe, SRP’s manager of Revenue Cycle Services. "This information can help them manage their energy use by seeing exactly how much energy they’re using and when they’re using it."

Soethe also believes that future technologies for smart meters could alert customers if they exceed a set amount of electricity during the month or if their home is experiencing an unexpected power outage.

The cost of installing the new smart meters across SRP service territory is offset by the cost savings the units provide over time, he said. For example, smart meters eliminate much of the costs associated with manual meter reading while providing even greater accuracy.

According to Soethe, SRP will continue to install roughly 10,000 additional smart meters every month until the entire system is automated.