Strategic alliance aids asset management


M2M Data Corporation, a remote and mobile monitoring and control company, and Satamatics, a worldwide US-based monitoring and tracking service providing global, satellite-based micro-telemetry with ubiquitous coverage across the world, have announced a strategic alliance. Customers will be able to access affordable micro-telemetry services for device and asset monitoring.

M2M offers very low-cost satellite delivered monitoring, and Satamatics’ use of Inmarsat D+ means that cost of service can be addressed head-on, with a drastically reduced pricing structure. Satamatics service will be an available option for M2M’s Ultra-light line of monitoring and alarm service. M2M Ultra-light Monitoring and Ultra-light Alarming are new data services targeting meters, fleet management and telecommunications facilities, as well as other remote process operations.

The Satamatics SAT 101 remote satellite terminal can be pre-programmed to transmit location reports and status messages at regular user-defined intervals, or by sensor-initiated alarms. The advanced SAT 101 is also programmable over the Inmarsat-based satellite communications link. The applications for M2M intelligence are loaded into the SAT 101 to take advantage of the company’s data aggregation and bandwidth reduction techniques. This combines the functions of an IP gateway and satellite terminal into one small package that can be held in the palm of a hand. The small size reduces power needs and allows covert installation on both mobile and fixed site assets. Multiple options to power the SAT 101 ensure long-term unattended operation for remote installations. /