Strategic alliance for smart network optimization solution


Larry Stack,
Telvent Energy 
Madrid, Spain and Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 18, 2010 – IT company Telvent and transmission and trading software solution provider Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) have announced the strategic integration of Telvent’s advanced data acquisition and distribution management smart grid solution suite with OATI’s solutions for smart grid and energy markets.

The combination of the companies’ leading edge solutions will enable utilities around the world to efficiently and effectively balance network optimization and energy costs, while maximizing regulatory, environmental, security, and customer service performance.  

“We are very excited about the advantages that utilities will see with the alliance between OATI and Telvent and our ability to link energy markets, including green energy markets, to the network operations solutions that Telvent has developed,” explained Dr Sasan Mokhtari, president and CEO of OATI. “The utility industry needs mature, complete solutions for smart grid applications and this alliance is a significant step that can help utilities achieve both the operational and financial goals of their smart grid.”

“We are excited to announce this alliance with OATI, which clearly compliments our proven network optimization software solutions in utility installations,” said Telvent Energy president, Larry Stack. “Linking our distribution management system capability with OATI’s expertise and energy market solutions will enable utilities to optimize their transmission and distribution networks, access the renewable energy market and balance energy costs.”