Submetering in Ontario Could Reduce Electricity Demand


The COO of Stratacon, a utility management company serving the multi-residential and commercial markets, says that the province of Ontario in Canada could reduce electricity demand by 530 MW by smart submetering all condominiums and apartment buildings. He urged the province to make submetering mandatory in all multi-residential buildings, so that all units are individually metered.

At present 85% of these buildings – 1.8 million suites – use a bulk meter for electricity consumption. When a building is submetered, the resident’s rent or common area expense is reduced, and responsibility for paying for in-suite electricity consumption is transferred to the resident. Submetering does not require rewiring the building or putting meters into individual suites; instead smart submeter panels are installed in existing hallway utility closets and connected to existing distribution systems in the building. It takes less than two days to submeter an average building.