Success of smart energy depends on customer acceptance, study finds


Taff Tschamler,
Director of
Retail Energy,
March 5, 2010 – An analysis of the smart energy market in Texas, sponsored by many leading energy and technology companies in the US, and conducted by Kema, the study examined residential customer awareness, acceptance and value of smart grid enabled electricity offers, home energy technologies and rate plans (“smart energy”). 

The analysis provides insight into emerging business models and home energy technologies across North America, and forecasts offer adoption in Texas, where the state has taken a market leadership position in smart energy. A summary of the report is available for download at:

“The success of smart grid relies in part on the value it creates for customers and their acceptance of the technologies and offers it will likely create,” stated Taff Tschamler, Director of Retail Energy and primary author of the study.  “Our analysis makes clear that smart grid in a highly competitive electricity market such as Texas will offer customers many choices.  However, providers of smart energy offers have a long way to go to fully engage customers.  One important conclusion of the project is that there is significant inertia among small electricity customers that must be overcome to fully realize the benefits.”