Successful trials lead to launch of new energy conservation device


Burnaby, BC, Canada — (METERING.COM) — July 9, 2008 – Legend Power Systems Inc. has announced the full launch of its commercial energy conservation device, after 22 successful trials with prominent BC-based companies delivered over $1 million of cost savings and reductions of over 10,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Users include BC Hydro, Ikea, Canada Post and Science World.

Legend Power’s proprietary technology reduces energy costs, peak demand, consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through voltage optimization. Customers benefit from seven to ten per cent savings in electricity bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the device pays for itself in approximately three years through cost savings and incentive funding. Secondary benefits include reduced equipment maintenance costs. By optimizing the voltage delivered to all electrical equipment, items such as lighting systems and motor drives last significantly longer.

The firm’s patented device consists of two components: an electrical harmonizer and an automatic voltage regulator (AVR). The Electrical Harmonizer-AVR improves power quality and operates at an efficiency of greater than 99.5%. When installed at the main electrical service panel, it works by optimizing the incoming voltage level. This ensures only the optimized amount of energy is used, saving money and energy consumption while extending the life of electrical equipment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"It’s a little known fact that electrical utilities deliver more voltage than necessary at certain points of the grid to compensate for transmission line losses," explains Gerry Gill, Chairman and CEO, Legend Power. "Optimizing the amount of energy that enters a facility is a proactive way for companies and utilities to reduce energy bills, maintenance costs and emissions."

Commercial applications of the device show a seven to ten per cent energy reduction. The technology has been independently tested, measured and verified in two pilot projects with BC Hydro Power Smart Group and now qualifies for incentive funding through the Power Smart Partner Program.

Legend Power holds worldwide distribution rights and patents within nine countries for its device.