SUEZ receives Utility Industry Innovation in Water and Sewer award


North America-based integrated water and wastewater solutions firm SUEZ has been recognised by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners for its use of innovative solutions to improve its services.

SUEZ has been awarded the Utility Industry Innovation in Water and Sewer award which recognises the utility for deploying a smart utility network.

According to a statement, the company’s smart utility network comprises 200,000 smart water meters and Internet of Things communications technology and infrastructure to enable wireless meter reading.

The smart utility network covers 1,000 square miles and serves 150 towns and cities in New York and Boise.

Water billing, efficiency and demand

The system has enabled SUEZ to accurately bill consumers, eliminate estimated billing and reduce non-revenue expenses and operational costs.

Instead of providing customers with monthly bills, the system allows SUEZ customers to access hourly water usage data using mobile devices. The development is helping consumers to improve their water efficiency.

The smart utility network helped reduce a city’s water demand by 5% through improved management of water usage and resources. The water company says it has reduced non-revenue water in the city by 38%.

“Innovative ideas are generated through the recognition that there are better and more efficient ways to do things. They reach full potential when their application satisfies a wide-reaching need,” said David Stanton, president of utility operations.

“The Smart Utility Network is a testament to the ingenuity of SUEZ employees and is only the beginning of great changes coming for our customers,” he added.

“Smart networks and big data are changing the way we operate. With over 100,000 more smart meters expected to be deployed by the end of 2018, our goal is to bring the benefits of our system to as many communities as we can.”

SUEZ and customer base

In early November, SUEZ announced its successful acquisition of water utility Forest Park Water Group. SUEZ will invest $3.5 million to improve the services of its new subsidiary over the next five years.  Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.