Sunverge installs storage system at Kentucky municipality

Sunverge energy storage
Each home involved in the development of the Sunverge energy storage system received an ecobee smart thermostat and GE energy efficient hot water heater, which work in harmony with Glasgow EPB’s need for peak load control

In the US, the Glasgow Electric Plant Board in Kentucky plans to install a Sunverge smart energy storage system at the Kentucky Municipal Power Company in a bid to reduce emissions during peak time demand.

Glasgow EPB will install 165 smart energy storage systems at customers’ homes to reduce demand at peak periods by at least 25%, according to a statement.

The energy storage systems will be provided along with software to manage stored energy ‘in the cloud’.

The Sunverge energy storage devices will absorb power from the electric grid at night or when demand and cost are lower.

When demand is high, Kentucky Municipal Power Company will order the batteries to discharge that power and distribute it to customers.

Says Ken Munson, co-founder and CEO of Sunverge Energy: “Glasgow is our first customer to use distributed storage without solar to create significant network value.

“While many of our installations are in tandem with the use of solar panels, our technology offers the same reliability, cost savings and emissions reductions regardless of the source of the power.”

Sunverge reduces generation costs

The Californian distributed energy storage system provider claims that its storage systems also reduce the cost of generating that power.

The energy storage systems will provide Kentucky Municipal Power with real-time information about the grid performance, available power and consumer’s energy use patterns.

Sunverge confirmed in a statement that this will allow the Glasgow EPB to deliver energy to the grid as if from a single, fleet-level Virtual Power Plant (VPP), not unlike a large solar energy or energy storage project, except that it is now at the point of load, avoiding losses, distribution upgrades, and precious land.