Support from utilities and vendors for Green Button


Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 4, 2012 – Utilities and vendors have announced further support for the Green Button initiative, which was developed to enable customers in the U.S. to easily download their energy usage information in a standardized format.

Pepco Holdings, one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, has launched the Green Button for its approximately 2 million customers in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland and New Jersey.

Building on the popularity of the Green Button with NSTAR Electric customers in Massachusetts, Northeast Utilities is now rolling out the initiative at all six of its utility companies in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Collectively these have more than 3 million customers.

Baltimore Gas and Electric has announced that it will support the second phase of the initiative, named “Green Button Connect My Data.” With this capability, in the near future, customers will be able to authorize automated data exchanges from their utility to an authorized third party, further facilitating participation in programs that can help them take advantage of savings.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE) has released and is testing Green Button Connect, offering a simple, one time authorization to automate the secure hand-off of the customer’s energy data to the third party energy app developer of their choosing.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and Candi Controls are also starting to rollout the Green Button Connect platform with the launch of their first app, PowerTools. Features include historical usage analysis, overview of actual use and savings relative to history, phantom power load calculation, environmental impact, ability to choose and track energy saving goals, utility bill payment, current and historic local weather related to energy usage, and social network goal and success sharing functionality.

Oracle has announced that its web self-service platform, Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service, is now Green Button Download My Data-enabled, providing utilities with an out-of-box, easy-to-launch functionality for their customers. Vermont utility Green Mountain Power is one currently implementing the Green Button for customers through this platform.

Aclara has also announced that it will support the Connect My Data phase of the Green Button initiative. Since the initial provision of support in April, six of Aclara’s utility clients have fully deployed Green Button’s Download My Data solution to almost six million customers. The plan is build on current support by offering more accurate and consistent information across vendors.

A recent review of the Green Button from the IEE assessed it as “an impressive first step” towards standardization of energy usage information. With customers on board it could become the tipping point to unleashing innovation on this data.