System allocates costs to actual users


E-Mon L.P., an energy submetering systems manufacturer, has announced the availability of RightEnergy™, an integrated energy intelligence system that allows business users to allocate and bill costs for all utility services to the actual users. The RightEnergy system gives businesses snapshots of their energy use, and enables them to better understand when, where and how energy is being used in their organisations. It also helps manufacturing plants avoid heavy penalties for peaks in their energy use by showing historical energy use charts, and showing in real time whether peak shaving activities are causing the required reduction in energy use.

The system collects and reports energy data from a wide variety of metering hardware. Data points can be accessed anywhere in the world using a modem and MS Windows 2000 or higher. Supported communications protocols include Ethernet, wireless and RS-485. RightEnergy provides real-time monitoring of power quality parameters, including power factor, volts, amperes, phase angle, kW, kVAR, kVA and frequency.

E-Mon has recently been awarded a US General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule Contract for its advanced metering products. It is the first full-service submetering company to be added to the GSA schedule – an approved product purchasing guide and catalogue for federal facility managers nationwide. The schedule includes the E-Mon D-Mon® and the Pro-Mon™ submeters, as well as RightEnergy. /