System-on-chip for polyphase power meters

TDK Semiconductor Corp., designer and manufacturer of mixed-signal semiconductors for the international market, has released a true system-on-chip for industrial polyphase power meters. The TDK 71M6513H integrates a 21-bit delta-sigma-delta converter, 32-bit computer engine, MCU, RTC, LCD driver, and ultra-precision voltage reference. It offers better than 0.1% accuracy with only a few low-cost external components.

The 71M6513H can perform many standard and custom functions, including active energy, apparent energy, voltage rms, current rms and waveform sample data for optional external processing. It consumes less than 30 mW in mission and 13 mW in battery modes, and includes 64KB of MCU program/data storage, 7KB RAM, RTC, 5V LCD boost, 2+ UARTs and an I²C interface.