System-wide enhancements for NES smart grid infrastructure


Ken Oshman,
Chairman & CEO,
San Jose, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 10, 2009 – New products and a series of enhancements to the Networked Energy Services (NES) advanced metering infrastructure system have been announced by Echelon.

One of the new products is an IP-based smart meter for the North American market that brings IP connectivity inside a meter for smart grid metering systems. The new NES Smart IP Meter combines three key elements of an intelligent grid infrastructure in a single ANSI standard-based meter – IP-based wide-area network (WAN) connection, extremely reliable powerline-based communications, and neighborhood meter network management.

The new meters can increase a utility’s installation flexibility and lower cost by allowing them to locate the backhaul connection for each neighborhood at the side of a single home.

Another new product is the NES Element Manager, a powerful network management software designed to reduce the lifecycle costs and improve the efficiency of installing, maintaining and managing smart grid deployments. The new enterprise software, with a web-based, dashboard-style graphical user interface, provides the tools and information that grid operators need to ensure reliable data management, network management and network performance.

Other enhancements covering key hardware and software products across the NES system include:

  • New ANSI residential meters with enhanced power quality and load profiling capability, which have successfully completed the MET Meter Certification Program for the North American market
  • Increased performance and scalability to support millions of meters with daily data collection in NES System Software 4
  • New automation software that speeds the management of low voltage distribution networks
  • New Ethernet interface to any IP-based WAN whether wired or wireless
  • Expanded NES developers program to include meter accessory solutions for in-premise devices or network extensions
  • New WAN card development program for wide-area network integration with the new generation of NES Smart IP Meters.

“With the new products and updates across the entire NES product line, we believe we are enabling utilities to build an extensive energy network, not only a smart metering network,” said Ken Oshman, Echelon’s chairman and CEO. “We are continuing to invest in our smart grid infrastructure to offer utilities the very best solution possible for their investment, one that will last years into the future and meet their changing needs.”