Tallahassee customers to get smart meters


Tallahassee, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 5, 2007 – The city of Tallahassee’s 110,000 customers will soon enjoy the benefits of smart meters, which city officials plan to deploy in an effort to reduce the need for new power plants. Deployment will start in the new year, and it is hoped that consumers will use the information about their power consumption to move energy use to off peak hours.

Tallassee already offers electricity users a net metering option, which promotes customer investment in renewable energy generation. Net metering allows both residential and commercial customers with small to moderate sized PV generation to return any excess power generated back to the utility at the full retail value, including taxes. Net metering causes the meters to turn backwards, lowering monthly electric bills.

The new meters will allow electricity users to get hourly information about their consumption and the cost of power, hopefully reducing demand.