US software company C3 Energy launched a new addition to its smart grid analytics products this week with the release of Grid Cybersecurity Analytics, which provides diagnostics and predictive tools to identify, monitor, and reduce the risks of grid vulnerabilities.

C3 Grid Cybersecurity Analytics is built on a data integration and analytics platform with a processing rate of up to 6.5 billion records an hour.

By analyzing large volumes of disparate data from across the network, the solution rapidly identifies emerging threats by using algorithms and anomaly detection techniques to identify and assess potential threats to the grid network.

Alerts warn cybersecurity teams of questionable activity with SCADA data or command message manipulation, improper authentication or access control, or unexpected hardware or software configuration changes prompting physical field-based investigation, IT team diagnosis and response, or other follow-up.

Ed Abbo, president and chief technology officer at C3 Energy, said: “C3 Energy’s utility clients made it clear that they needed a solution for the early identification and monitoring of vulnerabilities.

“With C3 Grid Cybersecurity Analytics, potential security breaches and attempted attacks on network hardware are detected, displayed, and analysed on a user-friendly interface so that operators have advanced warning and adequate lead-time to address emerging threats.”

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