Technology for AMI, smart grid applications acquired


Norwood, MA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 26, 2009 – Power-line communications (PLC) technology to add to its portfolio of products for energy metering applications has been acquired by Analog Devices (ADI).

ADI has acquired the PowerBUS™ RHINO PLC technology as well as all related patents, hardware, and software from Domosys Corporation, a privately held company based in Quebec City, Canada. This technology is effective for the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems for smart grid applications that acquire and communicate consumption information for electricity, gas, and water.

ADI will develop new products incorporating the PowerBUS RHINO technology and announce these offerings under the Analog Devices brand later this year.

“The global demand for AMI applications has greatly increased in recent years, especially in China, North America, and Europe,” said Ronn Kliger, product line director, Energy Metering Products at Analog Devices. “The technology developed by Domosys provides ADI with an excellent foundation for expanding our energy metering portfolio with new products for the growing AMI market as well as other markets that require no-new-wire communication systems.”

“The ADI acquisition of this technology is the culmination of Domosys’ research and development activities,” added Alain Laflamme, president of Domosys Corporation. “This acquisition will build upon the successful collaboration the two companies have had over the past few years, and we are grateful to our customers and business partners who have supported our past activities. As an outcome of this divestiture, Domosys’ operations are ceasing immediately.”