Technology Innovation Award Winner


Cellnet Technology has received the 2006 Frost & Sullivan technology innovation award for the AMI/AMR market. Cellnet has devoted all its resources to perfecting wireless fixed networks for a broad range of utility industry applications; its systems are in constant contact with over 10 million North American electricity, water and gas customers, linking them with their utility service providers in real time.

The Cellnet two-way mesh technology inherently works against congestion. Each individual node in the system independently routes packets in an intelligent manner, decreasing system congestion and enhancing robustness. Asynchronous frequency hopping and packet switching together allow the Cellnet system to form a connectionless two-way mesh architecture. In this configuration, multiple nodes are created and packets travel shorter distances, ‘hopping’ from one node to the next.

Technology advances have lowered the cost of deploying wireless fixed networks, while providing a strategic utility data network that serves as a platform for the future.