Technology integration supports smart grid AMI networking


Germantown, MD and Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 8, 2008 – Eka Systems, a global provider of smart grid solutions and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for electric, gas and water utilities, has announced an agreement with GE Energy to integrate GE’s I-210+ meter family with the EkaNet smart network AMI solution. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies have addressed the technical, functional, and solution delivery required for utilities to deploy a true mesh, fully supported smart network AMI solution.

"Consistent with the open, standards-based architecture of the I-210+ meters, the integration with the EkaNet AMI solution provides our customers with an option for large-scale deployment of smart network communications that leverages the benefits of the I-210+ advanced metering system," said Kerry Evans, Product Manager at GE Energy. "We are very pleased to offer this AMI capability to our customers – it is another example of the flexible, open-architecture design of GE’s metering solutions."

GE’s I-210+ and I-210+c meters combine open standards with broad functionality, including ANSI-based standards compliance, load limiting, remote connect/disconnect, outage and meter tamper detection. The GE-I210+c also provides demand, TOU, and load profiling capabilities.

"This agreement is exciting for the utility industry. Combining the capabilities of GE’s advanced metering solutions with the open and scalable EkaNet AMI infrastructure delivers a new level of performance for utilities looking for robust smart grid networking," said Chris Irwin, Director of Products at Eka Systems. "This effort is driven by strong customer interest, and is in line with our strategy to offer a broad variety of flexible solutions to utilities."

EkaNet smart networking provides robustly secure, true mesh networking to electric, water, and gas meters and other smart grid devices such as distribution automation, demand response, distributed generation and more, all with the most innovative networking technologies available.