Tennessee embarks on smart grid fibre project


The funding will come from the USDA Rural Utilities Service Programme.

Newport Utilities Board finance manager, Sherry Frisbee, reportedly said that the federal agency has approved the financials of the planned smart grid fibre project for the next 10 years.

The utility also has identified weak spots in the electric delivery system. The utility said that upgrades have been prioritised and are to be completed over the next four years.

Scotland’s digital substation

In other related news, Scotland is in the process of building the UK’s first digital substation in Wishaw using fibre-optic cables, allowing for digital data transmission.

The digital substation in Wishaw is reported to be the UK’s first. The fibre-optic cables implemented will replace analogue copper connections in the overhaul of two bays of the 275 kV SP Energy Networks-operated substation.

After the project is completed, the Wishaw substation will be completely automated and will permit better monitoring and control of the transmission network in parts of Scotland, reported Engineering and Technology Magazine.

It is also expected to contribute to better safety, flexibility, availability whilst reducing cost and environmental impact of power transmission.

 Claudio Facchin, president of ABB’s Power Grids division, which will develop automation technologies for the substation said: “This project will demonstrate how digitalised communications within a substation can increase controllability, facilitate the integration of intermittent renewables and improve safety by replacing copper cabling with fibre optics.

“A key element of our next level strategy is to focus on enabling the automation of the grid in line with our internet of things, services and people approach to help utilities improve reliability and ensure safe and clean energy supply to consumers.”

The station is being retrofitted as part of the Future Intelligent Transmission Network Substation (FITNESS) project, overseen by SP Energy Networks.

The FITNESS project, launched in December 2015, aims to deliver a state-of-the-art digital substation design. Read more…