The business case for AMR


UtiliPoint® International Inc.’s utility and energy technology practice has completed the first release of North American business case acceptance data for AMR. The study involved more than 150 investor-owned, municipal utilities and regulators, and the final report covers the AMR business case, congestion, solid state metering, rates for residential and C&I customers, dynamic pricing and the role of demand response.

UtiliPoint found that there are significant differences between what industry regulators and the investor-owned utilities expect an AMR system to provide in terms of billing information for residential customers. Research shows that only 30% of North American utilities plan to obtain critical peak energy usage from the AMR system for residential customers, even though regulators specifically support this feature.

Two-thirds of the utilities surveyed included outage management in the AMR business case – higher than any other benefit. In addition utilities favoured time-differentiated pricing and dynamic pricing more for residential customers than for small and medium commercial customers.