The cleantech revolution: building smart infrastructures


New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 15, 2010 – In the past year the convergence of political and economic events has accelerated a national push to gain energy independence, conserve energy and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

At the core of these efforts is a drive by federal and local governments to build the foundational infrastructure for a “smart” electricity grid infrastructure and an electric transportation ecosystem. At the same time, clean-tech related investments, industry alliances and technological advances are gaining momentum, creating markets that could potentially have significant effects on both established players and start-up companies.

Building these new smart infrastructures requires massive investments and will bring on significant change to incumbent industries. As the build-out gains traction, it has the potential to support a proliferation of sectors and applications.

A new wave of entrants has surfaced – the cleantech players, including developers of batteries and energy storage, alternative and distributed generation technology, electric car makers, developers of carbon sequestration technology, biofuels producers, and a diverse group of businesses creating the smart grid ecosystem and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Anticipating the growth areas of these smart infrastructures and grasping a fuller understanding of the investment and consumer dynamics shaping them – as well as the government’s priorities as it sets out what is emerging as new U.S. industrial policy – will help companies filter the most promising entry points.

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