All forms of energy production, energy distribution, fuel extraction, and fuel refinement require water or affect water resources in some way.

Every aspect of treatment, transport, and distribution of water, as well as the treatment and reuse of wastewater, is dependent on sufficient and reliable energy.

Moreover, energy use by these systems is significant regionally.

The interdependencies between the two are clear, though often tested during periods of water stress, as demonstrated presently by the ongoing western area drought, other extreme temperatures events, or prolonged electricity outages.

It is in our own best interest to preserve, secure, and strengthen these critical energy and water resources.

This paper presents an overview of the interdependencies between energy and water, as well as key challenges and opportunities.

It provides a series of recommendations on how the federal government, in partnership with external stakeholders, can take a leadership role in not only promoting a better understanding of this ‘energy-water nexus’, but realising its full potential.

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