The New York smart grid vision


New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 26, 2009 – The newly formed New York statewide energy collaborative, the New York State Smart Grid Consortium, has set out its vision to facilitate a comprehensive, coordinated and collaborative approach that ensures an efficient, effective and secure smart grid implementation to meet the sustainable energy needs of all electric customers in the state.

In its draft Strategic Smart Grid Vision and Technical Plan Report, the Consortium says the two primary objectives for implementing the smart grid are to promote economic development and improve customer satisfaction, with the former the overarching goal.

“Smart grid investments will help drive the formation and growth of ‘green’ supplier companies and enhance the competitiveness of key cities. Improved reliability will help retain important companies and American jobs in the state,” says the Consortium, adding that the collective impact of the smart grid proposals should lead to the creation of an estimated 3,200 jobs starting in 2010.

The Consortium says that New York’s technical plan is “to create a fully visible, integrated ‘smart’ electricity system.” Cyber security and standards compliance are key foundation elements, and the five key dimensions for delivery are:

  • Consumer visibility to energy usage and cost
  • Consumers empowered to save energy costs and participate in markets
  • Utilities having enhanced visibility and control of distribution systems for reliability and economics
  • Energy storage is used to improve economics and reliability
  • Transmission system reliability and economics are enhanced with smart grid technologies.

The Consortium says the complete NYS smart grid project portfolio consists of an array of initiatives under way, proposed and planned, and it regards the stimulus funding as a unique opportunity to accelerate smart grid deployment. In addition to the almost 60 existing or funded projects with a value of $132 million, New York utilities and other parties have proposed 30 stimulus projects totalling $1.23 billion. Of these the 22 projects proposed by the investor-owned utilities have been approved by the state Public Service Commission, subject to the award of funding (see New York smart grid projects approved subject to stimulus funding award).

“The shared commitment of the NYS Smart Grid Consortium, combined with the expertise, capabilities and resources of its members, positions New York State as a leader to successfully achieve its smart grid vision.”

The NYS Smart Grid Consortium, founded in 2008 and incorporated on July 22, 2009, is a not-for-profit corporation representing a key public-private partnership to promote broad statewide implementation of the smart grid. New York State has a wealth of intellectual, industrial and institutional resources focused on the development of the smart grid and the purpose of the Consortium is to harness these assets to address the state’s energy policy goals and achieve its Strategic Smart Grid Vision.