The next wave of environment friendly investments


Carbon EmissionsNew York, USA —(METERING.COM)— 10 July,2006 – Shares of meter manufacturers may be in line for benefits as investors become more aware of US climate change legislation, according to financial services company Citigroup Inc.

Citigroup analyst Peter Suozzo has compiled a list of North American companies whose technologies may be in demand as efforts build to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, known as the “clean dozen”.

On the list is Spokane-based Itron, whose shares have risen by 51% this year – the second-biggest gain among the clean dozen.

Suozzo describes automatic meter reading products as a “derivative play” on the Energy Policy Act, following the requirement in the legislation for states to investigate the use of advanced utility metering.

Other companies among the clean dozen include General Electric Co, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, and Waste Management Inc., North America’s largest trash hauler.