The US electrical grid in 2030 – an industry vision and roadmap


US electrical grid in 2030 GridWise Alliance reportUS electrical coalition GridWise Alliance this week launched the findings of an industry consensus on the future of America’s grid in 2030.

Based on four regional workshops and a national summit, more than 400 industry players inputted to the paper ‘The Future of the Grid: Evolving to Meet America’s Needs’.

The aim of the report was to develop a vision of what the grid will look like in 2030 and steps the industry can take to achieve this, GridWise Alliance said in a statement.

Scott Prochazka, president and CEO of CenterPoint Energy and Vice Chair of the GridWise Alliance, said: “The Future of the Grid workshops revealed broad consensus among industry stakeholders on the future role of the grid.

“They recognize that it will be the enabling platform to enhance reliability and support of a dynamic and complex system that enables consumer choice.

He added: “Traditional business and regulatory models will have to evolve to meet this new reality.”

Modernizing the grid

The alliance plans to use the findings to create prescriptive reports focused on the practical steps, best practices, policy changes and metrics to drive the progress in grid modernization.

These reports will cover key areas requiring transformation in a continued comprehensive manner, including the Future Role of the Grid, the Utility Business Model of the Future, the Regulatory Model of the Future, and the Path Forward: Transition to the Future.

Becky Harrison, CEO of GridWise Alliance, said: “We have come a long way as a result of the input we received from the participants in our regional workshops and National Summit.

“We have developed a holistic approach to examine the need for changes in utility business and regulatory models, consumer engagement, and to fully embracing the innovation happening on the edges of the grid. Now we must leverage this holistic approach to further define the path forward.”

‘The Future of the Grid: Evolving to Meet America’s Needs’ is co-funded by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability.

(Pic credit: America Revealed)