Third annual lunch-and-learn event


Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has announced plans for the third annual "4-30 Day," a free two-hour lunch-and-learn event to be held at over 100 locations worldwide, beginning April 14. The 2005 event, hosted by TI distributors in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Japan, shows designers of embedded applications new to the MSP430 first-hand how the 16-bit RISC microcontroller unit (MCU) platform can solve a variety of design challenges while saving development time and power.

With live demonstrations, MSP430 experts will showcase how the MCU platform enables numerous possibilities for system designers with its modern 16-bit RISC architecture, advanced peripheral set, and wide portfolio while maintaining unmatched low power. Attendees will also see how MSP430 development tools and other resources can help them easily start using the devices.