Third generation of multi I/O transceivers



Quebec City, Canada — (METERING.COM) — February 13, 2007 – Ariane Controls, a PLC and wireless communication technology developer, has announced the release of the third generation of its AC-MIO Transceivers. The MIO product family allows interfacing with a wide variety of devices to transport data over the power lines.

A new version called AC-MIO-U6 features six entirely independent I/Os which can be configured to send or receive analog or digital signals. It also features pulse counter functions, thresholds, scale factors, and periodic transmissions.

The device is designed as a complete powerline transceiver. It integrates the PLM-1 modem, a microcontroller, a powerful analog front end with a versatile coupling unit and the power supply. The unit includes a configurable terminal board for easy connection.

The AC-MIO transceivers family includes:

AC-MIO-U6: 6 entirely independent and configurable digital or analog I/Os.
AC-MIO-232 (or serial TTL) virtual wire point to point or point to multicast.
AC-MIO-485 virtual wire, point to point or point to multicast.
AC-MIO-SPI direct interfacing to an SPI port.
AC-MIO-RF (soon to be released) powerline to 802.4.15 (Zigbee™) router.

All are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant and are designed to meet international standards.