Texas Instruments (TI) has launched a high-voltage but low power solution for use in smart meters.

The 700-V switcher has a quiescent current of less than 100 uA – half the power consumption of existing solutions.

The UCC28880 controller integrates a 700-V power MOSFET and high-voltage current source, increasing overall energy efficiency of ‘always-on’ non-isolated power systems with output currents up to 100 mA, such as smart meters, home automation equipment and white goods.

Minimise energy consumption

Dave Freeman, chief technology officer for TI’s high-voltage power solutions group, said: “Hundreds of millions of smart meters around the world continuously draw power from the grid to measure energy use and provide feedback to the utility.

“Even though meters consume relatively small amounts of power that is not charged to the customer, when you multiply the amount of energy needed to power the devices, it makes sense to minimize the energy consumed. New power conversion technologies, such as TI’s new high-voltage power solution will help smart meters minimize energy consumption.”

The UCC28880 high-voltage switcher reduces system cost and minimizes the overall size of the power supply, while maintaining high efficiency and system performance.

Designers can use the switcher to build different converter topologies, such as buck, buck-boost and flyback, without adding extra semiconductor components.

An offline, AC/DC reference design based on the UCC28880 (PMP8550) enables designers to quickly design a low-cost, low-power non-isolated high-side buck converter with a total solution size of 38mm by 32mm by 22mm that supports 13 V, while generating up to 100 mA of output current.

The reference design features a buck converter with integrated switch and can be used in many industrial applications.

The design’s schematic, CAD files and test results are available for download, confirmed TI.